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February 17 - Virtual Learning Day

Feb 17, 2021

February 17 - Virtual Learning Day

  • Advantage Arts Academy will be holding a virtual learning day on Wednesday, February 17th due to the forecast of extreme winter weather and the recommendation of Utah’s Department of Travel to avoid the roads on Wednesday until at least 10:00am. School will be closed for in person learning but instruction will continue online under the new Utah State Board of Education rule that allows school districts and charter schools to treat “snow days” as remote-learning days.

    Remote learning will facilitate continued learning for students. Remote learning will also ensure that an additional school day will not be necessary to make up for this day. The school closure will be for one day only.

    On remote-learning days, elementary students will work independently with a parent or guardian to complete the assignments and learning expectations communicated by their teachers using instructional packets/assignments. Teachers will send an email by Wednesday morning with assignments and instructions. Students are expected to complete the assignments and turn them into the teacher by the end of the week.

    The safety of our staff, students, and families is our number one priority and we want everyone to be safe during this extreme weather. We will miss our students and look forward to everyone returning to in person learning on Thursday.