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The team at Advantage Arts Academy is made up of caring individuals who are committed to enriching student lives through arts integration. Our team consists of talented professionals with academic and leadership experience. Faculty members are licensed and highly qualified to teach.

Parents have the right to request and receive information on the qualifications of their child’s teacher. If you have questions or want more information please contact school administration or refer to the student information system. Advantage Arts Academy employs individuals holding LEA-specific educator licenses, license areas, or endorsements in accordance with Utah Admin. Code R277-301-7.
Additional information on educator licensing can be found at:

The following designations or levels apply to educator licenses, license areas (i.e.-elementary, secondary, special education), and content endorsements (i.e.-mathematics, music, Spanish, social studies).
--Professional: The educator has completed an educator preparation program that includes content and pedagogical knowledge. This program may have been completed at a university or in an alternate pathway that was supported by school districts/charters and the Utah State Board of Education.
--Associate: The educator is currently completing an educator preparation program, but has not yet completed all requirements for a Professional Educator License, license area, or endorsement. The educator is enrolled in a university-based or Local Education Agency (LEA)-based program. When the educator completes the program, they will have a professional level.
--LEA-Specific: The educator has not completed an educator preparation and is not currently enrolled in one.

To view the breakdown of teacher licenses please use this link: Teacher Licenses

If you are interested in working with our incredible team, please visit our Jobs page.
LEA Educator License Percentages