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Plans & Goals

COVID-19 Information

Advantage Arts Academy will be open this fall for children to attend five days per week, in-person attendance. Our goal is to keep in-person school through a shared commitment from students, teachers, families, and staff by preventing the spread of COVID-19. After school programming has been canceled until further notice. The following information will provide you additional details regarding “The AAA Way” approach to operating schools while COVID-19 exists in the community.

The following guidelines are what the school will do to provide protection for our employees, students, and community.

  • The wearing of face coverings in the building is optional.
  • Physical distancing will be observed wherever possible.
  • Proper hand washing will be taught and students will be required to wash hands or use hand sanitizer any time they enter and exit the school and rooms within the school.
  • Student entry and exit location will be separated to ensure fewer students in one location. Start and release times will be staggered to cut down on the number of students at one entry/exit location.
  • Traffic patterns in the building will be one way and students will be instructed to physical distance as they walk.
  • Physical distance seating will be provided during lunch in the cafeteria or classroom.
  • Staff will watch students for illness/symptoms and contact families immediately if students exhibit symptoms.
  • Students with symptoms will remain in isolation in the health office until parents can pick up them up.

Advantage Arts Academy will be using the ESSER III funds awarded by the state in the following ways:
• 20% of the funds may be used to address student learning and accelerate student achievement to regain ground lost in learning.
• 80% of the funds may be used to upgrade wireless technology, technology devices, equipment, and services to ensure the health and safety of students.

If you would like to provide feedback on the plan, please contact Sandy Shepard (

ESSER III Application (pdf)

School LAND Trust Program

The School LAND Trust Program, established by the Utah Legislature, distributes the “annual dividend” funds from the State School Fund to all public schools in the state. All schools are required to have a Community Council, which can be the Governing Board or an elected group of parents, teachers, and administration that will prepare an annual plan to address the schools greatest academic needs. More information is available on the School LAND Trust Website.

School LAND Trust Committee Invitation to Serve (pdf)

Committee Meetings
Meetings are open to public attendance.
School LAND Trust Committee Meeting Schedule 2023-2024 (pdf)
School LAND Trust Committee Rules of Order and Procedure (pdf)

Past Meetings
2020.09.17 School LAND Trust Committee Agenda (pdf)
School Land Trust Agenda March 10, 2021 (pdf)

Plans and Reports
2024-2025 School Land Trust Plan (pdf)
2023-2024 School LAND Trust Plan (pdf)

Teacher Student Success Act (TSSA)