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Daily Art Challenge

Mar 16, 2020

Daily Art Challenge

  • While you are at home with your kids for the next couple weeks we will be issuing daily art challenges! We hope you will enjoy the activities and share with us what your kids make by tagging us on social media or emailing us at

    Monday, March 16 - DAY 1
    Have your child draw their favorite memory and then write a quick story about the memory. Then they can give it to someone they love.

    Tuesday, March 17 - DAY 2
    Create your own sketchbook!

    Wednesday, March 18 - DAY 3
    Plant Dance
    * Talk about the life cycle of a plant, including how it starts out as a seed and needs soil, air, water, and sunlight to grow.
    * Go outside and find a flowering daffodil. Talk about how the bulb is planted in soil and stores energy from the sun from when it bloomed the previous year.
    * Act out planting a seed, watering the seed, the seed growing and seeing the sun, and blossoming into a flower.
    * Turn on some fun music and have your kids dance out the life cycle of a plant.
    * Discuss what would happen if the plant wasn't watered and how it would change the plant and the movements in the dance.
    * Have fun doing different plant dances! For example, the prickly cactus dancing on tiptoes with pointy fingers or being a tumbleweed blowing in the wind.

    Thursday, March 19 - DAY 4
    High-Five to Hygiene
    * Watch Betty White read Harry the Dirty Dog:
    * Talk about how sometimes animals, people, and even objects can get dirty.
    * Discuss good hygiene practices such as washing hands. Talk about what you need to wash hands (soap and warm water) and how long you should wash your hands.
    * Practice washing hands using a song so they know how long they should wash (appropriate songs include Mary Had a Little Lamb, Happy Birthday, The Alphabet Song – sung twice!).
    * Grab a paper, pen, straw, and paint. Have your child outline their hand on the paper. Place a few drops of various colored paint on the paper hand. Have your child “cough” or blow through the straw to spread the paint. After the paint has dried you can have your child draw germ faces on the different colors.
    * Reinforce how germs can spread and how important it is to maintain good hygiene.

    Friday, March 20 - DAY 5
    Day of Happiness
    Today we celebrate International Day of Happiness to encourage well-being and human happiness!
    * Have your child write down three things that truly make them happy, one of which should be found in your daily life.
    * Talk about why these things inspire happiness.
    * Grab your camera and let your child take photos of what makes them happy and sparks their imagination.
    * Submit a photo to our kid photography contest!

    Saturday, March 21 - DAY 6
    Today we celebrate Absolutely Incredible Kid Day®, where the goal is to let every young person know how amazing they are!
    * Parents and adults - share with the young people in your life through a note or kind word how special they are.
    * Have your child create their own superhero persona. Help them decorate and cut out a mask they can wear and describe what superpowers they have.

    Sunday, March 22 - DAY 7
    Flashlight Shadow Stories
    Encourage your child to retell their favorite story using flashlight shadows to make characters. They can also take paper and a
    stick or straw and make a character. Use the flashlight to cast the character shadow on the wall while telling their own story. Or tape a piece of paper onto the wall and trace their hands or homemade character. Make sure to also write your story down and share with us!

    Utah School Spirit Week
    For the second week of school dismissal, Utah schools are banding together to show our Utah School Spirit. Post a selfie using #AdvantageArts and #UtahSchoolSpirit on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

    Monday, March 23 - DAY 8
    Utah School Spirit Week: Crazy Sock Day
    The crazier socks the better!
    Art Challenge: Sock Puppets
    * Using tube socks, hot glue eyes and hair made from left over craft supplies to make sock puppets.
    * Write and act out a play about your favorite family vacation.

    Tuesday, March 24 - DAY 9
    Utah School Spirit Week: What Ya Readin'?
    Take a picture with the book you are reading and tag us!
    Art Challenge: Pop-Up Books
    * Create your own pop-up book based on your favorite activity.
    * Check out these fun templates from the amazing Matthew Reinhart:

    Wednesday, March 25 - DAY 10
    Utah School Spirit Week: Pajama Day
    Post a photo in your coziest pajamas and tag us!
    Art Challenge: Mice Finger Puppets
    * Grab a sheet of paper, scissors, glue, and markers to make these adorable finger puppets:
    * Use them to follow along with tonight's nook book!

    Thursday, March 26 - DAY 11
    Utah School Spirit Week: Terrific Teacher Day
    Art Challenge: Thank You Notes
    * Using paper craft supplies and markers, create a thank you card for your teacher.
    * Take a photo with your card and email it to them so they know they are missed!

    Friday, March 27 - DAY 12
    Utah School Spirit Week: School Spirit Day
    Wear one of our school colors!
    Art Challenge: Spark the Imagination
    * Go outside and take photos that spark your imagination.
    * Submit a photo to the photo contest to be eligible to win prizes!

    Monday, March 30 - DAY 13
    Art Challenge: Shadow Drawing
    * Grab paper, markers, and plastic dinosaurs, action figures, or other toys of varying heights.
    * Head outside and find an open spot. Talk with your kids about how shadows are cast when the light is blocked.
    * Set up the toys so they cast a shadow on the paper the kids can draw.
    (You can see a fun example here:

    Tuesday, March 31 - DAY 14
    Art Challenge: Colorful Feelings
    * Watch My Many Colored Days by Dr. Seuss (
    * Talk with your child about how they are feeling.
    * Have your child draw a picture of themselves using colors to express how they feel.

    Wednesday, April 1 - DAY 15
    Art Challenge: Lego Building
    * Get the kids creativity flowing every day in April by taking the Lego building challenge!

    Thursday, April 2 - DAY 16
    Art Challenge: Pop-Up Egg Card
    * Gather art supplies including scissors, markers, cardstock, and craft sticks.
    * Follow the instructions here:
    * Instead of using a photo, have the kids draw a self-portrait!

    Friday, April 3 - DAY 17
    Art Challenge: Lunch Doodle
    * Grab some paper and drawing supplies.
    * Tune in to the Kennedy Center for lunch doodles with Mo Willems!