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Bridging Educational Gaps

May 06, 2020

Bridging Educational Gaps

  • Many parents have been asking Advantage Arts Academy how the school will help their children this fall to fill the academic gaps. As you are doing distance learning at home, Advantage Arts Academy staff is planning for the fall and ensuring your students receive the best possible learning.

    It is common for students to slide backwards in their learning during the summer time but with the unusual circumstances brought on because of the COVID virus there may also be a COVID backslide. Advantage Arts Academy is listening to parents and has developed a COVID plan to help our students fill their gaps.

    Advantage Arts Academy will do the following:
    1. Teachers will be provided professional development in all curriculum and assessments before school starts.
    2. Students will be given a benchmark assessment at the beginning of the year to learn students instructional level.
    3. Students will be provided small group instruction in prior year’s content if necessary.
    4. Teachers will continue to assess student instructional levels to ensure students are showing growth towards on level content.
    5. Teachers will meet weekly with other teachers on their grade level to plan the best possible instruction for students who are below grade level.
    6. If students are above grade level, they will also be provided instruction at their level and will be challenged.

    The academic success and emotional well being of our students are the top priorities of Advantage Arts Academy. Thank you for choosing Advantage Arts and giving your child the Advantage.

    Thank you,
    Principal Lisa Evans

    Video - Bridging Educational Gaps

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